Our Approach

We firmly believe that happiness should be our goal in life when it comes to our furry friends. Everything we do is geared towards enriching their life as well as ours and making that bond with our dog stronger.

Our Story

Royal Rascals began in 2014 with a blue Volkswagen beetle and a little border collie cross called Poppy. Don’t all great stories start like that?!

Today, we are very proud of our professional service. We have two completely safe vans which are securely crated and safe for the dogs in transit. We spend a lot of our own time with our nose in books or completing registered courses so we are always up to date on all things dog.

Meet the Team

Lhanna Dickson


Currently, Lhanna is training at degree level in dog behaviour, is an associate trainer with Lothlorien Dog Services and a qualified scent work instructor with WSDA.

Oscar, Holly & Bear

The Experts

Firstly, we adopted Oscar shortly followed by Holly. A year later, Bear came into our life. No matter how many courses we study, nothing will quite compare to life with this trio!

Jamie Dickson

Head walker

Jamie joined the team in 2015. He is loved by all the dogs and enjoys nothing more than taking the dogs to fun places, and sourcing out new safe and fun walking areas.