Behaviour Modification

Does your dog bark and lunge at passing dogs and cars? Does your dog run in fear at the slightest sound or the lift of a harness? Has your dog bitten yourself or another person? If so, behaviour modification package is for you.

Prices start from £100 for assessment and session.

121 Training Services

Does your dog pull on the lead? Would you like to teach your dog some fun tricks to strengthen your bond, or start to compete in a dog sport? If so, our basic training package is for you!

Prices start from £55 per session.

Welcome home package

Have you recently welcomed a new arrival into your home? A puppy, an adult dog or a new little human and would like some support for the coming months? If so, this is the ideal package for you.

Prices start from £100 for 3 x 45minute sessions, with a blended approach of in person and zoom.

Whats included?

  • 121 training session in person, or on zoom, whichever suits your situation best
  • A personalised training plan based on your session
  • Online support for 2 weeks following your session, or however long in between your booked sessions

Can we go online?

We offer 121 training via zoom, which means we can train no matter where you are, what your circumstances are and where you are with your dogs progress.

All zooms come with a training plan and online support too, and start from £40.